How it all started…

It all started in 2012. I was wondering where God was leading me. I was in a missions organization and I was expecting our 3th child and wonder why God has brought me through this unusual life path. And since I had 2 children, expecting the third, I wanted to give my children the Bible. And they loved to be in front of a screen.
So if I could find a good Bible app for them, that would be great to teach them. The sad thing, was that I could not find any. Well, I found some, but they where for the most, a copy of a text book. Then the process of making it my self started.

God put the pieces together and in 2013 I got the best graphical designer in the team and on top of that, her husband is a great musician and artist, who could help out with this page and the music and sound effect for the app. And in the end of 2014 we had the first prototype ready, the first story. To continue, we found out that we need some sort of funding, to manage to release the app and continue to make more stories. So that’s why we released a fundraising campaign in August 2017.

Then there were some years of walking in the desert before God opened up some doors in 2023 to get the project back on track.

First Baltic Assist contacted my church and asked if the church had any need of workers. We didn’t, but I got an idea. Maybe they could help me. They could and they found a graphical designer for me.

God did also send people in my way who could help me get the app ready for launch. So by December 2023, the very first version for launch was ready. Now, the journey really begins.